January 21, 2012

Highway of Freedom

Landscapes are a funny thing. They can change depending upon time of day or season. They are altered as you move upon them or what is placed upon them. Landscapes can be painted, photographed, or imprinted upon our memories forever.

Not too far away construction crews are working tirelessly to transform traffic patterns to make it easier on morning and afternoon commutes. The landscape has been transformed to where I do not recognize a thing.

I feel the same way about entering into the landscape of 2012. My landscape is changing. God is creating opportunity. He’s opening doors and inviting me to walk through them to go play in the meadow of His world. However, something tries to keep my feet planted in a landscape that looks and feels comfortable.

I have found that the biggest barrier to embracing new opportunities has been fear. Not just fear of the unknown, but fear of others thoughts towards me, or fear of my own motives. The common thread is that its fear based on a highway of lies.

For example, God revealed that the passenger in my car was impure motives. I believed my motives were always bad. I drove every where with that passenger. I didn’t even know he was in my car until I asked God to show me wounds that defeated me. Somewhere I had picked up this hitchhiker. I had actually changed seats with him and given him the authority to drive my life. Not only that, somewhere I began to believe that God had impure motives. That’s when I stopped the car and threw that lying hitch hiker out. I confessed to God that I had believed a lie about HIM. I asked for forgiveness. HE immediately comforted me. He spoke tenderly to me and said, “Anne, your motives are not bad either.” THAT was the beginning of major road repair!

As I have faced the lies and replaced it with truth miraculously my landscape has changed. I’ve driven far away from living as if my motives are filth. HE has cleansed them! HE has put a new spirit in me! As I’ve been transformed I find I am able to welcome new opportunities. It’s actually exciting to enter a new highway.

How about you? Do you walk in a roundabout of defeat? Ask God to show you if you’ve picked up any hitch hikers along your way. You may be surprised what you find in your trunk. God has places He wants to take you but you may be listening to the lies in your passenger seat. Or perhaps, like me, you crawled up into the back seat to take a nap while a stranger drove you to places not on Gods road map. It’s time to wake up and kick that bad boy out to the curb. There’s a city ahead with your name on it! It’s called Freedom!