October 2, 2015

I Am Convinced

Original art by Anne Ashton

I am learning that I do not need to convince anyone of anything. First of all, it doesn’t work. Secondly, it can’t work. I do not have power over anyone to make him or her believe something. You don’t either.

However, the beauty I have found is that I get to be convinced.

I can convince myself.

I can listen, read, watch, experiment, search, wonder, ponder and process anything in life that I choose to spend time pursuing. At the end of the journey, I can be convinced or not. I can believe or not.

I am convinced that gravity exists. I am mostly convinced that the sun will set tonight and rise again tomorrow. I am convinced that babies are beautiful and animals have their place on the earth but not in my home.

I am also convinced that I am called to passionately share my convictions, testimonies and beliefs with the world around me. I find it a beautiful thing to share where I am convinced.

Here’s the discovery- I no longer have to convince others.

Paul (from the Bible) was convinced that nothing could separate us from the love of God that is found in Jesus. Demons can’t. Death can’t. Heights nor depths nor anything can separate us from God’s love. Not even what we have done or didn’t do. Paul is convinced that we are loved. He spent his life passionately sharing where he was convinced. To some, his convictions were the fragrance of life. To others it smelled like death. He wanted all to find life, and he passionately pointed to life, but he didn’t have the power to convince anyone.

People choose their own convictions.

People live from the well of where they are convinced.

I am learning to love those who live in different wells.

Honestly, it’s hard.

My heart is heavy and hurts daily for one who had a front row seat to a well of life. I spent years trying to convince them that the well was filled with life. At the end of the day they have chosen to live out of a different well. They are convinced their well is filled with life. I am convinced what they have chosen is a life doused in radioactive toxins.

I have surrendered convincing.

Instead, I choose to live from a place of rest.

Rest is passionately sharing how I am convinced, but releasing the hear-er (or reader) to choose their own place of where they are convinced.

Jesus said He is the way and the truth and the life. The only way to get to His Dad is through Him. He knew (knows) that to be true. He was (is) passionate about that. Not all were convinced. Even now not all are convinced.

Many are convinced that life is found in a vat of radioactive chemicals.

I am convinced that God’s love continually pursues those that try to convince others as well as those who glow green. I am convinced love never fails. I am convinced that God will complete the good work He started in us. I am convinced that strength is found in surrender and kindness leads to repentance and humility leads to a life of abundant wells!

I am convinced that God loves the one who swims in the well of radioactive material as much as He loves the one who swims in the well of life. I am convinced I have much to listen, read, watch, experiment, search, wonder, ponder and process in learning how to love like God does.

I am convinced I have been given an opportunity to practice love, which begins with surrendering convincing.