September 28, 2012

Staying in the Forest

He’s 18.

He’s been in prison.

Several times.

He’s clean now. And straight. He makes money like you and I do. Honest money. He says it feels good to make money and not have to fear if the police will find him. He gives most of his money to his mom.

I drove him home from work. We had to travel the toll roads. Somehow he avoids these the days I don’t take him. He had never heard of or seen a toll tag. He didn’t know how it worked. He doesn’t have a license.

He works for minimum wage in a low end restaurant chain. Promotion opportunities are limited. He’s an artist at heart. One of those natural artists. He has God given artistic ability but limited opportunities for expression.

He asked how to hear God.

So, I demonstrated.

I asked God for an image for him.

God answered.

I told him I saw him in a forest. Big beautiful towering trees were all around him. He was inspecting the trees. He was enjoying the texture of the bark. He was happy. At peace. He didn’t mind inspecting bark.

As I shared this image that God gave, I heard him gasp with understanding. I turned to look at him.

He said, “I get it. I’m stuck in the forest and not looking for a way through the forest to get out.”

He heard God in that moment.

His forest is large. There are trees called poverty, victim, ex-inmate, gang member and others that block his view.

But with God there is a way through.

One of the Scriptures we looked at was that he “Can do all things through Christ who strengthens him.” Philippians 4:13.

Wanting to hear God is an awesome beginning to find the way through.

I’m praying he has ears to hear.

That’s his art above.