March 5, 2014

The Scale of Honor

What’s the opposite of unbelief?



Ok. Yes, belief is the opposite of unbelief, but don’t let that stop you from reading this post because there’s more to it than that.

What if you aren’t allowed to remove the pre-fix?

Now, what is the opposite of un-belief?

I find God’s Spirit to be amazingly gentle, subtle and in-my-face all at once. When the earth was dark and formless it was His Spirit that hovered over the face of the waters and brought forth light. He separated the water from the land. Even now His Spirit-sword separates my soul and spirit. As He divides, He conquers. It is in this place of His continual welcomed conquest that I find myself with a new lens in which to view all of life.

So what is this newly discovered Truth?


Russell Evans, from Planetshakers City Church in Australia recently described honor as, “Something we place weight upon.” Think of a set of scales where valuable coins or jewels are placed on one side. On the other side are feathers. The scale tips in favor of the weight. Honor is something you place value or weight on.

Whatever you place honor on your life follows.

I am learning to believe that I am a writer. As I honor the writer inside of me I find I am a better writer.

I used to believe I wasn’t an artist, until God got in my face and hovered over my spirit. It was in that reflection where I realized I was not honoring HIM whenever I didn’t honor what He created me to do.

What has He created you to do? What brings you joy in the doing? Can you begin to believe in the value of what you do? Why not place that thing you do on the scale of honor?

Honor fills the void where un-belief resided. When honor is honored beauty flows.

It’s time for you to see your beautiful reflection upon the waters of honor.