Crown - Anne Ashton



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I felt led to create an abstract crown. Crowns represent position and authority. My heart was hurting for someone who is walking a path of “mis-identity”. He loves God, has Jesus in his heart and knows how to hear the Spirit’s promptings, yet, he is still in bondage. He walks in freedom for a little while but inevitably circles back around to the same snare. Shame is a brutal master.

I believe my friend has not fully comprehended his identity as a child of God. His past has misrepresented the Father as a harsh and rejecting Dad who only wants to be with him when he acts good and pleasing. It seems easier for him to believe that lie instead of the Truth; that no matter how he behaves, he is fully loved, valued, and welcomed into his Father’s arms.

This piece was actually created upside down. Sometimes it takes someone’s world to be turn upside down to fully embrace the crown that is rightfully theirs.

Artist Note: Version: Flipped over, a Roman Centurion’s armor can be seen. May you know hope and the authority you have as a child of God.



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