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This piece was created between Palm Sunday and Easter. I felt led to throw the black paint onto the white canvas. As the black spread to overtake most of the canvas I began to think about the dark, cold, tomb of Jesus I felt led to spray water in a few places. White appeared in those spots. I wondered if the white spots were the beginning of His eyes. At this point, the canvas was a dripping mess, so I used a paper towel and began mopping up a few places where I had sprayed. As I stood reflecting on the piece, one of my friends who was watching me ran over and said, “Don’t touch it! You see Him don’t you?” Not exactly sure what she was talking about, I moved away from the canvas to the other side of the room where she had been standing and it was from that place that I finally saw Jesus.

The image of Jesus in this painting was something only He could do. He planned to let us know that without a doubt, He conquered death for us, He bore our sin and sickness and we are never alone.

Artist Note: I did not intend to create an image of Jesus. He appeared! There is also another image next to Him. It could be an apostle or it could be the white horse mentioned in Revelation. Jesus is coming again! Let hope arise!

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