The Journey - Anne Ashton

The Journey


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I struggled with the creation of this piece. I didn’t know what direction I was headed. I didn’t understand what God was saying. I felt alone, deaf and frustrated. I continually cried out to the Lord for help, but it seemed that my cries were met with silence. I was riddled with doubt and fear. At one point I covered the entire canvas with red paint. Another week it was covered in turquois. I almost lost hope. I made the decision that I would continue to press forward even if every week the canvas was a different color. I wanted to see. I wanted to hear. I wanted to know. Finally, breakthrough happened. I knew I was supposed to put dark color on one side and light on the other side, signifying opposing forces at work. However, I didn’t feel that I was supposed to touch the center of the canvas anymore. So I left it and worked around what I considered an obstacle. I continued with light vs. dark vs. obstacle.  When I felt like the piece was done I stepped back and that’s when I saw the sailboat. The fog of doubt and fear lifted as I saw the faithfulness of God who led me through the storm.

Artist Note: Don’t lose hope. You are almost to the shore. God has been with you through the rough seas and He sees you. You are not alone. Don’t give up hope. Hope is hard work. Don’t grow weary. Hang on. You are almost there.


Hang on! You are embarking on a new journey! brighter days are ahead! the past is gone. The future is bright! Don’t lose hope. Smooth sailing is ahead.

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